Monthly Archives: April 2014

Adventure of a lifetime

Being in Spain this week has been unbelievable. First of all, my mentor teacher is wonderful! She is so friendly and awesome. And the kids! They are precious. I taught a lesson on forces in motion last week and I had a blast! I love seeing the differences between the school in Spain and the schools I am used to. For example, school goes until almost 5, but there are several breaks throughout the day, which is nice!
My friends and I have been so excited to be here that we have already toured all around Barcelona. We have seen La Rambla, The port, The Mediterranean Sea, Sitges Beach, Mount Tibidabo, Cathedral De Barcelona, and Park Guell. It has been crazy! I think my favorite thing so far has been praying in Templo Expiatorio De Espana. It was a beautiful cathedral on Mount Tibidabo. 

I am really enjoying the culture here. I am surprised at how much my high school Spanish has helped me! My friends have been calling me “the interpreter!” I am having a lot of fun speaking Spanish to the locals. I have also walked more here than I have ever walked in my life! Seriously, it is an insane amount of walking, but I think my legs are getting used to it! I am going to be so in shape when I return!

I know that there is so much more I could say, but rather, I’d like for you all to let me know what you want to hear about!


Come Fly With Me!

I’ll be honest. When I got on the first plane yesterday (Nashville to Philadelphia), I freaked out a little. Okay, a lot! But, you know what? It went great! Both flights actually went very smoothly. I didn’t have any trouble at all navigating through the airports! I’m sitting here in my little room in Spain, and I’m ready to take a deep breath. Do you want to know what the best part of it was? As we drew closer to Spain, we flew above stratus clouds. It was spectacular!
Now that I’m in Spain, I’ve learned that I can see Mount Tibidabo from my apartment building! We were also greeted with some bright green parrots! Apparently, they escaped from the zoo a long time ago, bred, and have created families that live in the palm trees in this neighborhood! If you couldn’t tell already, I love nature. I can’t wait to explore more of the nature in Europe this month!
Now its time to go! Off to the metro to take a trip to my new school 🙂 !!!!

It’s coming closer!

I am four days away from my flight to Spain. I don’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified, so I am a good mix of both! I have not been on an airplane since I was 10 years old, and I have never left the country before. I am so far out of my comfort zone. However, while there is a part of me that is shaking in her boots, there is also a part of me carrying a bold confidence and a big smile. This is because deep down I know that this is where I belong. This opportunity for me to grow as a teacher is going to be outstanding. This opportunity to explore the world is going to mean more to me than I could possibly know now. Lastly, when I return, my life will have been changed forever.
In this packing process I am sure my anxiety and enthusiasm will grow even more. However, while I go through this roller coaster of emotion, I can calmly remember that I am so blessed to have this experience ahead of me. Through this truth, I will deeply breathe and take my first steps into this crazy adventure.