Adventure of a lifetime

Being in Spain this week has been unbelievable. First of all, my mentor teacher is wonderful! She is so friendly and awesome. And the kids! They are precious. I taught a lesson on forces in motion last week and I had a blast! I love seeing the differences between the school in Spain and the schools I am used to. For example, school goes until almost 5, but there are several breaks throughout the day, which is nice!
My friends and I have been so excited to be here that we have already toured all around Barcelona. We have seen La Rambla, The port, The Mediterranean Sea, Sitges Beach, Mount Tibidabo, Cathedral De Barcelona, and Park Guell. It has been crazy! I think my favorite thing so far has been praying in Templo Expiatorio De Espana. It was a beautiful cathedral on Mount Tibidabo. 

I am really enjoying the culture here. I am surprised at how much my high school Spanish has helped me! My friends have been calling me “the interpreter!” I am having a lot of fun speaking Spanish to the locals. I have also walked more here than I have ever walked in my life! Seriously, it is an insane amount of walking, but I think my legs are getting used to it! I am going to be so in shape when I return!

I know that there is so much more I could say, but rather, I’d like for you all to let me know what you want to hear about!


4 thoughts on “Adventure of a lifetime

  1. I remember how tired my legs were, too! I think I average walking for three hours a day! La Sagrada Familia, too! Did you see any stadiums for 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona yet? I’m showing my students some of your pictures! Hope you don’t mind! I’m so happy and orgullosa!

    1. 3 hour a day average sounds about right! La Sagrada familia was my absolute favorite. I haven´t had a chance to go to the Olympic Stadium yet because I was sick the day my friends went. I love that you´re showing your students my pictures! How many days did you get to spend in Barcelona?

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