Monthly Archives: May 2014

Defying Gravity

So things are winding down here in Spain. I’m only here two more days! It has been incredible. I have learned so much here.

For starters, I went to London this weekend! I achieved my dream of seeing Abbey Road Studios and walking the iconic crosswalk. I listened to the charming accents of the London locals. However, I think my favorite part was being surprised by the excellence of the musical WICKED. I never had any interest in seeing it before. My group really wanted to go, so I tagged along, and I saw what I had been missing out on for years! It was truly fantastic! It made me realize that I could be missing out on so much beauty in this world simply for not giving it a chance.

I have learned a lot about people. I have learned that what makes a person interesting are the qualities that make them unique and special. When people are being themselves is when they shine the most. So often we are afraid to be different because we don’t want to be judged. However, I’ve realized that life would be so boring without those unique qualities. Take my fabulous teacher here in Barcelona. She wears the most colorful clothes I’ve ever seen, she plays the harp, she goes swing dancing weekly, and she always has a huge smile on her face.

Lastly, I have learned about God. God loves us so much! Thinking of the adventures I’ve been on this month really feels likes “Defying Gravity,” because looking back it seems impossible that I’ve experienced so much wonder in a month. But the bible says “a dream fulfilled is a tree of life (Proverb 13:12).” God is good 🙂

In these last two school days, I will cherish the time I have with the students and staff. They really are wonderful people. I am so thankful for this experience and for everyone who helped to make it possible! I hope it is the beginning of many adventures to come!


That’s Amore!

Is this really my life!? I had no idea that I had such an incredible adventure awaiting me.

This week we spent 3 days at my lovely school, and then some of the girls and I took a trip to Rome and Venice for the long weekend! Italy was crazy! In Rome we toured the Vatican and it was breath-taking. We saw lots of beautiful sculptures and paintings. We also got to see the Sistine Chapel! However, my favorite part of Rome was praying in St. Peter’s Basilica. That building was sensational! It is also the home of the famous pieta. To see these masterpieces in person was a dream-come true!

As wonderful as Rome was, I can’t stop thinking about Venice. We ate like kings. We rode a gondola. We walked alongside the Grand Canal. Beyond that, we spent our entire day relaxing and just enjoying Venice. It was perhaps the loveliest day I have ever had.

While I had a ball in Italy, I was happy to return to Barcelona to see my wonderful mentor and sixth graders.  The students are so funny! They love that my name is Chelsea like the futbol team. One of them jokes with me by saying, “you have a game tomorrow! Are you ready?”

Today we wrote pen-pal letters to the fifth graders that I taught earlier this semester. It was a fun way for these students to practice their English, and it created an exciting cultural experience for everyone! I am looking forward to teaching geography, science, and music this week! I have some fun experiments planned.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you have a wonderful day!